ERM is a company created to offer services and global solutions to the expatriates that want to establish a permanent residence in the Kingdom of Spain.


ERM is an international company designed to offer global services to the expatriates from all over the world that want or have the need to establish, temporarily or permanently, their residence in the Kingdom of Spain.


With the aim to offer you a personalized service, according to your real need, please feel free to ask us everything that you may consider appropriate and useful. We will offer you a quick and professional answer.


ERM offers its relocation services to professionals and their families, in accordance with the needs generated with the corresponding change of residence, in the most efficient and smooth manner possible.

ERM will help you not only with the transfer or relocation of all your family, business and permanent residence, but will also become your trusted company for the beginning of a new and exciting life in Spain.

Our main aim is to offer you a wide variety of quality services, as to avoid any kind of concern or inconvenience.

We will be your guide for any administrative, legal or bureaucratic procedure that you may need during your transfer from your own country to the Kingdom of Spain.

ERM was created to save your time and to help you with the integration to the Spanish culture in a simple and pleasing way.